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8 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need Your Own Email List To Grow Your Business

Grow Your Own Email List

You absolutely need your own email list to grow your business! And I’m going to tell you the whys and how you can use this opportunity to scale your business to unimagined heights. I’ve spoken to a number of small business owners over the past months. Many of them don’t have their own email lists […]

How to segment and qualify your quiz leads


Did you include a plan to segment your leads after they opted into your quiz? Created a lead score for each of your new prospect yet? Do you know which traffic source did they opt in from? Do you know how to segment and qualify your quiz leads? If you’ve been shaking your head to my […]

What goes behind formulating the killer quiz title?

Killer Quiz Title

What makes having a killer quiz title so important? A relatively unknown Tim Ferriss published the self-help book “Four Hour Workweek” in 2007. He spent a couple of weeks crafting the perfect title and subtitle. Not only that, he tested a couple of combinations with the market in Google Adwords to make sure it was […]

Four Elements To Get Right and Make Your Quiz Go Viral To Get Leads


It can be really easy to create a quiz. Making your quiz go viral and get leads simultaneously is also not as complex as you imagine. One of the most successful quiz examples is from Zenni Optical who worked with Internet Marketing Inc that generated revenue of over $1 million. Within six months, Zenni Optical acquired […]

6 Tactics To Double Your Quiz Conversion Rate (or more)

Clarice Lin is a London Based Growth Marketer and co-founder of BaselineLabs

Want to double your quiz conversion rate rapidly? Experiencing low conversion rates of less than 50% and you want to boost your opt-ins? This is for you if You have arrived at the conclusion that having a quiz is the best opt-in to get more leads AND you want to learn how to create a highly converting quiz […]