Four Elements To Get Right and Make Your Quiz Go Viral To Get Leads


It can be really easy to create a quiz. Making your quiz go viral and get leads simultaneously is also not as complex as you imagine. One of the most successful quiz examples is from Zenni Optical who worked with Internet Marketing Inc that generated revenue of over $1 million. Within six months, Zenni Optical acquired 29,410 leads and 9,655% ROI.

Known as one of the most interactive content in content marketing, I will uncover for you the psychology driving content sharing and why you should have a quiz to grow quality prospects.

Armed with this knowledge, your quiz will gain popularity rapidly and your email list expand with high quality leads.

The Three Simple Whys behind A Quiz Share

There are three simple underlying reasons why someone would click on the share button after completing a quiz. This motivation comes from trust, personalization and fun.

Let’s approach this from another angle. Run these these questions in your mind.

Trust: You bought a new detergent that promises to clean stains on your clothes. It did an amazing job and the detergent is now part of your household. Would you recommend this wonderful everyday product to your friend?

Personalization: Imagine you’ve not happy with your job and you stumbled on this blog post. In it, the author articulated clearly the ten reasons why you are not happy with the job and what you can do to solve your problem. You felt relieved that the article totally expressed your inner thoughts.

Furthermore, the solutions were steps you can take to resolve your dilemma. Would you immediately forward the content to your friend who is facing the same challenge?

Fun: You come into contact with a fun activity or event and you had an awesome time. Would you tell your friend all about it and invite your friend along the next time?

If you have answered yes to the above, you might have realized that a combination of these three factors would spur a quiz to go viral swiftly.

And this goes to the second part of…

How to create a quiz to get your leads

When making a selection on your quiz theme, there needs to be a balance between something that aligned with your niche/products/services and something personal with your audience.

Obviously, the aim of your quiz is for you to gain prospects on your email list. You want to get a large following of people who has an interest or potentially be interested to buy your products and services.

The keyword here is “interested-to-buy”. You don’t want any random dude on your email list who will never purchase any of your offerings.

They have a specific problem and you can solve it. How do you locate these people using your quiz?

You need to conduct some research on your customers. Get some data on what drives your customers to buy your products.

Below are the areas you have to cover in your research groundwork.


Find out what’s their pain-points, in particular the number one problem that’s constantly bothering them. If you’ve a solution for their number one headache, I guarantee your product would be a great hit.


Speak to your customers. Identify those words that resonates most with them. Start including those terminology in your conversations with them. It’s imperative to resonate with them using the right words and phrases.

If your customer doesn’t understand the benefits of your product, it’s unlikely to expect further interactions beyond this point.

Demographics and Interest

Who are your customers? This is crucial information because it will help you to locate where they are most likely to hang out.

These are some of the questions you want to ask:

  • Are they male or female predominantly?
  • What are their age groups?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their education levels?
  • What are their income levels?
  • Do they have children?
  • Do they rent or own where they live?
  • Are they employed or self-employed?
  • Do they go for holidays? If so, how often?
  • What hobbies do they have?
  • What other brands do they interact with?

Getting a clear picture of your customers’ identity and lifestyle will help you to ease into a dialogue with them.

The dialogue can be initiated through a topic of you know would interest them and pick it up from there.

Work out the personas

Next, work out the personas of your audience. BuzzSumo is a brilliant tool to investigate your targeted space and look for theme ideas. Merge the outputs from your ground research with your online research and develop your audience personas and their challenge.

These personas should align with your quizzes outcome because you want to segment the quiz-takers into prospective buyers and needs. Knowing their profiles will enable you to connect and sell in a more targeted manner.

How to make your quiz go viral and get leads

Creating the quiz itself

Don’t underestimate the power of your quiz title.

Similar to a book I stumble upon when I hit the bookshop. There’s an attention-grabbing title and an impressive image on the cover – I decide within 3 seconds if it’s relevant or interesting enough for me to pick it up and read the summary.

And if the summary is intriguing, I would consider bringing it home.

A compelling title and image entices a user to click through and engage with the content. Don’t be daunted to spend a generous amount of time determining your quiz title. Select one that users can see the benefits and promise immediately.

Choosing the right title could make a difference between your quiz going viral or get buried by other content. Something surprisingly often overlooked in quiz creation is the importance of the title. It’s the first thing your potential quiz taker will see – so make it good.

Good content always needs to have a hook, and that hook for a quiz is the title. Your potential quiz-takers would be drawn to superlative or emotional words or a promise to show them something awesome or unveil a secret. That’s one of the key elements of virality.

Engaging with your quiz content

Now, your quiz-taker has clicked through and got onto the ride. Your quiz content is very entertaining and lively and you use images throughout. If you don’t have your own images, there are many free stock image site around like Unsplash or PixaBay that you can make use of.

Make the quiz questions conversational and personal.

The more personal the questions, the more likely that you’ll find success in your pursuit for virality. Even though your ultimate aim is to have thousands or even millions of people engage with your quiz, compose your questions in a way that comes across as if you’re speaking to just one person.

The quiz-taker breezes through each question and every question raises the anticipation for the results. If your quiz-taker is captivated as described, you’re on track to getting the contact information.

Delivering the results

An interactive quiz drives the quiz-taker to play an active role in creating his or her own personalized results. For you to get your leads, you have to design outcomes of the quiz to align with the persona research you acquired at the start. In each outcome, display information and feedback (related to your niche!!) that people care about and are proud to share.

And make sure your call to action, whether that’s putting in an email address or linking to another blog post or setting up a discovery call with you, is related to that outcome. If the outcomes are of a sensitive nature, the details should be educational and informs the people towards solving a problem. This will in turn inspires shares.

A crucial point is to note, this result that you’re telling them needs to be delivered in a positive and encouraging manner. No matter whether the results are good or bad.

Promote and sell the quiz

This ties back into the call-to-action. Basically, tell me who I am and then tell me why I want what you have to offer me, whether that’s another blog post to read, an offer or newsletter to sign up for, or a drawing to enter into.

Promoting your quiz goes a long way. Even if you’ve the best quiz on the planet, without marketing and getting people to know about it, you’re a far distance from virality.

Make it straightforward and painless to share either the results or the quiz itself. The two best social media channels to promote your quiz is on Facebook and Instagram. If you are an ecomerce brand, Pinterest is your channel.

When users are on these channels, they are typically in a discovery mode so they are more likely to click on your link if it’s relevant to them.

Place a Facebook share button on the results page so people can just click and share on their Facebook page. You can also place your quiz link on your Instagram bio page so people can access it easily.

On your own website, these are the four no-arguments spots to booster visibility :

  • Put up a header opt-in on your home page.
  • Incorporate into your blog sidebar
  • Add in a quiz button between each blog post content.
  • Build a quiz link into an exit pop-up

Create the mega virality factor and at the same time get your leads

Have you noted down all the guidelines from above on making your quiz go viral and get leads concurrently?

In truth, you might have realized: creating a quiz that people want to share and getting hold of prospects simultaneously involves literally an overlap of art and science. Creation of the quiz and the content promotion are closely dependent on each other, because the effectiveness of your content promotion depends largely on how you design your quiz.

You can’t create an unappealing quiz and expect it to go viral. Not without planning and preparation. At the same time, even if you’ve the best amplification strategy, a poorly designed and non-engaging quiz will get you nowhere.

Admittedly there’s no 100% guarantee that a quiz will go viral. However, we have gone through a clear formula for success.

Elements such as the title quality, the content of the quiz you create and social media promotion of the quiz forms determines if the quiz will take off.

End the quiz with the authenticity factor and the intangible relevancy of helping people look good, feel good, invoke laughter, or helping people share how they want to look to their friends.

Don’t forget the research work prior quiz creation. That’s the determinant to grow leads interested in your product. It’s not purely a viral quiz you’re after. It’s a piece of interactive content – to be precise – a lead magnet to attract and communicate with potential customers.

If you’ve any comments or ideas to make a quiz go viral, put them down in the comments section below.

I’d like to hear from you.

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