A Quiz Lead Magnet: 3 Reasons Why You Need One

It’s official. The best lead magnet you need to have for your business is a quiz.

Especially if you run an online business, you need to have a sales funnel and your own email list. It will be your OWN list of paying customers and soon-to-be customers. And you need to create a great quiz to grow this list.

How to grow your email list?

To start growing leads on your email list, the most essential piece is to have a lead magnet. A freebie or opt-in as it’s also known to many. Think of the big shopping mall. Recall your last buy? When the shopping assistant ask you, if you want to get onto their email list and they can send you offers at the earliest opportunities.

The caveat, of course they get the chance to market directly to you.

What’s wrong with having an eBook or video training series?

No, there’s absolutely nothing wrong. There are other alternatives such as reports, quick guides, cheatsheets, toolkits, discounts and the list goes on.

These lead magnets are excellent in providing quick actionable bite piece information that the potential customers can quickly consume. It’s also very easy for you as a business owner to be able to create this resource rapidly. However, as the number of free e-books and cheat sheets increases, the average prospect might have easily downloaded many of those resources and this would make less of an impression on them.

However, the quiz is associated with fun and a quick way for a prospect to find out a specific answer about themselves, this would likely get catch their attention and get them to commit to the quiz-taking process straightaway.

So, Why Should You Create A Quiz Lead Magnet?

Going back to the basics of converting a lead to a prospect, it all boils down to two factors. They are building and nurturing a relationship as well as getting your prospects to trust and commit to you and your services and products. By creating a quiz, you cover these two critical foundation blocks for creating a long lasting and trusting relationship and eventually become your raving fan.

How do you start to build a strong relationship with your future customer?

Strong communication is key – and to clarify, I mean a two-way communication. With the quiz, it’s as if you’re engaging the future customer in a face-to-face conversation. You are asking them questions (using the quiz tool) and the potential lead answers your questions. Through their answers, you tell them the outcome or results of what action the prospect can take to solve the problem.

Via this interaction, you get to understand the needs of your future customer, get feedback and at the same time, you provide a significant value (= solving a problem) with your lead magnet.

With other non-quiz opt-ins, it’s only a one way passive communication. You are distributing information, you’re talking to them, telling them what they should do to solve their problem. And the potential customer is only there listening and absorbing. You get the idea. The passive experiences is likely to reduce the likelihood of them converting into a paying customer.

In addition, the time taken in the prospect-to-customer process extends. On top of everything, you receive zero feedback on whether they have any other similar problems and the opportunity cost of anticipating their needs and offer them other higher value products at the appropriate moment.

If you understand the core needs from the answers to the quiz, you can tailor your sales pitch in accordance to the top pain-point they face.

And How Can You Get The Prospect To Make Commitments To Your Offerings?

A quiz does exactly that. The first sale is always the most difficult especially if your customer doesn’t know you well and the trust is not well established yet.

With a quiz, you are getting the quiz-taker to start saying a small “yes” to you with every answer they make. You get the quiz-taker to take proactive actions in answering the questions, making those clicks. That’s accumulating positive micro-commitments.

At the end of the quiz, the quiz taker has committed time and effort to your (quiz) content and the vested interest in the outcome is huge, increasing the likelihood of giving you the contact information to get the results.

Those micro-commitments cements the foundation to a higher value offer further down your sales funnel. See the big picture?

Not convinced yet? There are also the segmentation and personalization benefits…

oh yes, one of the greatest benefits of the quiz stems from you getting to ask questions to determine the stage of the customer journey.

Whether the quiz taker is doing some research in advance or actively looking for solutions or even ready to make a purchase, you can ask them a segmentation question and tag them in your email software. From there you can personalize your subsequent approach in the email autoresponders.

According to stats from Direct Marketing Association, personalized and segmented email content drives over half of revenue.

When you collect personal preferences from the quiz questions, each answer is like a piece of the puzzle and help you to build up a user profile.

User profile information that could include personal preferences, likes/dislikes, daily habits – like how they spend their time and money, opinions towards certain subject matter – all of these potentially revealing their emotional triggers consciously or unconsciously. This is greatly beneficial in understanding their pain points or priorities and you can leverage on this in future email interactions with them.

If your email or marketing copy addresses only prospects’ general concerns, the likelihood of converting them into a customer is lower.

However, if you personalize the emails to prospects’ specific and priority concerns, the chances of them sitting up to “listen to what you have to say” is higher. And of course, that means you can differentiate between hot leads, lukewarm leads and cold leads and focus on different strategies to convert them into buyers.

As you see, the benefits of having a quiz is enormous and brings both tangible and intangible advantages to your business.

If you want to raise the odds of lead to buyer conversion, want to get insider information on your prospect and build a long lasting relationship with your customers, get a quiz lead magnet for your sales funnel.

If you are ready to build a quiz lead magnet, read this to learn the step by step process to planning and building your quiz.

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